USA party in Salerno



USA party in Salerno And so … 1200 crazy spectators at Augusteo Teathre for the jazz concert of the U.S. Navy Band. The music of Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington , Benny Goodman and other bigs enchanted Salerno and the Americans who have been with us throughout the evening on Saturday … Continue reading

70th Avalanche – September 9, 2013



70th Anniversary Operation Avalanche – September 9, 2013 And here we are finally to 9 September: the day that commemorates the 70 years that have passed from the Allied landing on our shores.. A long, special, unique day, thanks to the many personalities and the many friends who have accompanied … Continue reading

September, 8 – Salerno Day



70th Anniversary Operation Avalanche – Salerno Day Like last year, lots of people accompanied us on the journey of sounds, words and images, which have brought us to the days of ’43, with the show of “Salerno Day“, in the spectacular setting of the Barbuti. Before the show, the prize … Continue reading

September, 7 – The sea tells the History



70th Anniversary Operation Avalanche – The sea tells the History September 7: start our 3 days to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Allied landings. Our special guest Folco Quilici: with the help of movies, he spoke of warships, planes, tanks and armored hulls still submerged in the Gulf of … Continue reading

70th Anniversary Operation Avalanche – Program



70th Anniversary Operation Avalanche – Events Program September 5 9:30 am – Church of St. Apollonia: conference Salerno 1943. Libri in guerra. 12:30 – Provincial Archaeological Museum: Opening Exhibition, “Salerno 1943. Libri in guerra”, organized by the Provincial Library and Museo dello Sbarco e Salerno Capitale. September 7 9:00 – … Continue reading