“L’Arte sbarca al Museo”



“L’Arte sbarca al Museo” Starts on Monday, June 17, from 19:00, the exhibition “The Art lands at the Museum“, which will see an exhibition of works donated on the occasion of this initiative. 27 artists will be present with their works that will be auctioned on June 28, at 19:00, … Continue reading

Press Conference “Mostra per la Memoria”



Press Conference “Mostra per la Memoria” There was this morning at the Museum the press conference to present the “Mostra per la Memoria“, which will be held at the Museum in June. Today there were the artists who have joined our initiative, generously donating their works for the auction to … Continue reading

61st Bersaglieri National Meeting in Salerno



61st Bersaglieri National Meeting in Salerno Son piumetto l’ippocampo di Salerno del raduno la mascotte. Su correte o bersaglieri! Noi, il Cilento e la costiera “la divina” perla rara siamo pronti ad ospitare tutti voi con le fanfare! Here we are! The 61st Bersaglieri National Meeting will take place this … Continue reading

Anti-aircraft … like new!



Anti-aircraft … like new! A few days ago are back in our outdoor spaces the two Italian Breda anti-aircraft operating in the period of the Landing. We had entrusted them to the care of the “SSD Shooting Range” of Giffoni Valle Piana, and its president, ing. Giovanni Ciccarone: free of … Continue reading

Easter Holidays opening


Parco della Memoria della Campania

Dear friends, for the upcoming Easter holidays, We communicate the opening hours of the Museum of landing and Salerno Capital: March 31: Morning: open – afternoon: closed. April 1: closed all day. So we will remain closed on Easter afternoon and all day on Monday, April 1. We take the … Continue reading