Press conference at Giffoni Film Festival



  Press conference at Giffoni Film Festival On the morning of July 20, we were guests of the Giffoni Film Festival. In the enchanting setting of a now internationally renowned festival, was held a joint press conference, during which was remembered our commitment to the rediscovery of the history of … Continue reading

The Art landed to the Museum



The Art landed to the Museum Opened yesterday evening, at 19:00, the exhibition “L’Arte sbarca al Museo”, with the exhibition of works donated by artists. In the presence of the same artists and many onlookers and fans, we have found a great interest aroused by this unique art gallery, that … Continue reading

Prison and Society



Prison and Society It took place on Friday, June 14, in the auditorium of the Museum of the Landing and Salerno Capital, the round table “Prison and Society – The question prison today between criminal and social issues“, organized by the association of magistrates “Culture for Area”. At the presence … Continue reading

“L’Arte sbarca al Museo”



“L’Arte sbarca al Museo” Starts on Monday, June 17, from 19:00, the exhibition “The Art lands at the Museum“, which will see an exhibition of works donated on the occasion of this initiative. 27 artists will be present with their works that will be auctioned on June 28, at 19:00, … Continue reading

The 19th Cavalry Regiment Guides to the Museum



The 19th Cavalry Regiment Guides to the Museum Yesterday morning, June 7 at 9:00 am we had the visit to our museum of the soldiers of the 19th Cavalry Regiment Guides  with their commander. We thank them for caring and concerned participation. Riccardo Notari